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Chiropractic Care
   Mendoza-Cipollo Chiropractic offers private rooms for gentle chiropractic treatment and body works from the treatment of pain and auto and work related injuries.
   Chiropractic care is taking the approach of locating any part of the nervous system that has lost proper control of the organs and tissues of your body. This can happen when the spinal cord or nerve roots get irritated. This is called a vertibral subluxation. Locating, reducing, and preventing a vertebral subluxation is the job of the doctor of  chiropractic.

Acupuncture treatments are used to relieve pain (chronic & acute),increase energy, and improve well being. Acupuncture can be administered by cold laser, thin needles, and by electrical current.
Cold Laser Treatment
Featuring the Erchonia Health Core low level laser; the leaders in low level laser technology. 

What is a low level laser?
   Laser is an acronym which stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. The term "radiation" in the word laser is often misinterpreted  because the term is also used to describe radioactive materials or ionizing radiation, The use of the word in this context, however, refers to light transfer between locations. The light generated by the Erchonia low level laser is red because its wave length is in the visible light spectrum at 635nm. The laser light will not be felt during a treatment because the laser at 5mw of power is not strong enough to create undesirable tissue heating or cell vibration. 

Beneficial effects of the Erchonia Low Level Laser 635nm red wave length
  • Increased cell energy. Increases energy to power the processes that get us well. 
  • Promotes circulation. Increases blood flow to promote health and healing.
  • Increases natural antioxidants. Protects the body from harmful free-radicals.
  • Recycles protective enzymes. Enzymes promote recovery and wellness. 
  • Increases protein production. Increased protein production supports tissue repair.
  • Promotes healthy cell multiplication. Healthy cell division supports tissue function. 
  • Microbe control. Controls undesirable microbes in the body. 
  • Improved immunity. Boosts th body's natural immunity to illness. 
Laser Benefits-Feel better, more energy, enhanced well-being.
Understanding Subluxations
In a healthy spine, the individual segments of the spine, the vertebrae, are carefully "stacked" and aligned so the various nerves from the spinal cord are free to function properly. A misalignment of one bone in the spine in relation to the next is called subluxation.

A subluxation may interfere with proper nerve function when nerve signals cannot flow freely to and from the brain. This can result in potentially improper function of a gland, organ, muscle, or tissue controlled by those nerves. The most commonly affected areas include: spine, nerves, soft tissue, joints, muscles. 
Subluxations and Stress
Subluxations and stress, whether physical or emotional, go hand in hand. Repetitive motion, improper lifting, and poor posture can cause physical stress on the spine and nervous system. Emotional stress can create tension, causing the ligaments and muscles to tighten.No matter where the stress comes from, it can contribute to the development of a subluxation.

Weight Reduction

Stop Smoking

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Sinus and Allergy Treatment

Acupuncture and EMI

Infrared Light

Pulsed Diathermy

Cold Laser

Ear Candling

Hot or Cold Stone Massage

Mineral Light

Foot Reflexology

Area Wrap Detox

Liver Detox, Castor Packs

Foot Bath Detox

Dry Brushing


Body Harmonizing Through Acupuncture

Analysis, Tongue and Nail Diagnosis
Additional Treatments, Therapies, and Detox we offer: